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“If you make the Chinese news agency angry, I figure you're doing something right.” Vinny on "Hardball with Chris Matthews"
  • We believe there are very few problems that can't be solved with creativity. You'll see award-winning creativity in our work, but creativity also lives in our strategy, messaging, even in our media buys.

  • Political and public affairs advertising isn’t very good. The TV is boring, the digital is even worse. We do smart, creative advertising learned from years of working with major brands and candidates at the highest level. A good ad can be the difference between winning and losing.

  • Preserving of our limited water supplies is something that benefits us all. That’s why water conservation is one of our core businesses. Click on the “work” link to see what we’re doing in this space.

  • We’re not waiting for the digital convergence, we’re making it happen. As an integrated agency, digital and social are critical parts of every plan we create. We consume media differently than we did a year ago. We’re ready for what’s coming next.

The old ways are dead. Good riddance.

Data rules the day, but how we use it is changing all the time. Data combined with break-through creative lets you do more with less money in less time.

Vinny Minchillo

With a strong background in traditional marketing and advertising, Vinny brings a unique voice to the world of politics, public affairs and conservation. Known for work that gets attention and gets results, he was the first person to write an ad with the “I approve this message” disclaimer.

  • took a candidate’s name ID from 17% to 85% with a single ad
  • opened the discussion about Medicare in the 2012 presidential race
  • revealed that the all-American Jeep was going to be made in China
  • defeated Harold Ford and upset the Canadians

On the traditional side

  • created the last of the Crocodile Dundee ads for Subaru
  • introduced the world to “Community” star Joel McHale
  • helped the “Breaking Bad” star break through
  • connected New York City to the rest of the world

His proudest moment was when the Chinese news agency called one of the team's ads "false and foolish." That's saying something.

Laurel A. MacLeod

Laurel has deep roots from Boston to Austin and she’s passionate about using her experience to serve Glass House Strategy clients.

With domestic and international policy expertise, she has

  • managed one D.C. lobbying shop and created another
  • testified before Congress, taught government to college students, strategy to lobbyists, and politics to grassroots activists
  • implemented a stealth Congressional strategy that effectively changed the trajectory of a White House delegation and U.S. policy

On the business side, she’s

  • executed project work for GE Capital
  • designed comprehensive fundraising strategies for large organizations
  • built D.C. business for a national fundraising consultancy

And on the media side Laurel has

  • published policy columns, white papers, and an online trade journal
  • co-hosted a syndicated radio show while serving as a national print/radio/television spokesperson
  • managed client-side media and advance for a new House Speaker’s first speech outside D.C.

Laurel has a degree in politics from Washington & Lee University, with an additional concentration in journalism and mass comm. She earned her Master's in public policy from Regent University, and lives in Northern Virginia with her husband, a free-market economist, and their children.

Bethany Jordan

Bethany joins the Glass House team from the big, bad world of the Fifth Estate.  Bethany worked almost a decade as a producer for NBC News where she traveled the world, notably as a campaign producer on John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign for which she received an Emmy Award.  Since leaving NBC in 2009, she has worked in political and corporate advertising, managing the post production side of projects.  She has a knack for being bossy and Vinny is always a little scared of her, but the final product is worth it.

On the side, Bethany is a mommy blogger for several local and national online publications.

Bethany hates omelettes, but loves egg whites in a cocktail and enjoys rising before the sun (and her family) to work off any of those aperitif calories.  She is the mother to two young children and enjoys traveling with her husband to places where thread counts are a minimum of 400.

Natalie Salhanick

Natalie attended Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas where she received a degree in Communications. She joined the digital team at Clear Channel Communications where she ran the online identities of seven radio stations including including the management of the nation’s largest country radio station Facebook following.

She’s a member of American Mensa and lives in Dallas with her husband and three cats who can sit on command.


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